Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 342 to the Newfoundland Ridges

In June and July 2012 I joined IODP Expedition 342 to the Newfoundland Ridges. I sailed as a stratigraphic correlator and was working for two months on the night shift (midnight to noon). In total we drilled nine sites and 22 holes and recovered over 5.5 km of marine sediments. Here is an impression of those two months at sea.

The JOIDES Resolution coming into port (May 2012, Bermuda).
Posing in front of the JOIDES. Excited to set sail (May 2012, Bermuda).
Science party is ready for boarding (June 2012, Bermuda).
First science meeting onboard the JOIDES Resolution (June 2012, Bermuda).
Leaving Bermuda at sunrise (June 2012, Bermuda).
The Exp. 342 Science Party.
Where the drill-pipe is stored.
Building drill-string into the night.
Building drill-string before drilling the first hole

(This video isĀ from a different expedition)

The first “Core on deck”.
The first whole round sections are in the rack.
This is where the stratigraphic correlators work.
A split core on the core table.
View from the office…
During the 60 days on the night shift we saw a lot of beautiful sunrises.
“Just” another day in the office.
The galley.
My bedroom onboard the JOIDES.
Yet another beautiful sunrise.
And another weekly fire drill.
They really never get boring.
After 2 months, we see land again.
Coming into port (July 2012, St. Johns)
Ready for the next expedition (July 2012, St. Johns).

More expedition photos can be found here.