Denmark (September 2018)

Maastrichtian and Danian (Cretaceous and Palaeogene, ~72 to 61 million years old) at Stevns Klint. This beautiful section of marine carbonates south of Copenhagen includes the K/Pg boundary, which is expressed as a thin, 15 cm thick, clay layer. The section contains fossil shark teeth, brachiopods and many remains of sea urchins and corals. Well worth a visit. A great opportunity to see the Danian in Denmark.

Stevns Klint seen from the beach below the church at Højerup. Just below the overhang is the K/Pg boundary clay layer
Spine of sea urchin.
The beach contains mostly of rounded flint. Thick flint layers can also be seen in the cliff section.
Good views of the overhanging Danian rocks.
Looking back towards the church (on top of the cliff) at Højerup.
Active limestone quarry at Hærvejen, Store Heddinge.
Fieldwork leader Dr. Kasia Śliwińska explains what we see.
Final visit of the day: an abandoned limestone quarry just north of the active quarry, also at Store Heddinge.
Not entirely sure, but probably Danian outcrops here.
The fossil hunting grounds.
Beautiful cold-water bryozoan mounds (and corals) are fossilised in this quarry. (see wavy structures in the rock surfaces)