Current scientific collaborators:

Hong Ao

Hong Ao
Hong and I collaborate on Asian monsoon dynamics during the Cenozoic.

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Steven Bohaty

Steve and I work on all sorts of palaeoclimatic and palaeoceanographic topics.

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Helen Coxall

Helen Coxall
Helen and I work together on Eocene-Oligocene stratigraphic records to decipher climate dynamics during the largest Cenozoic state-change in Earth’s climate system.

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Anouk de Bakker

Anouk advises me on the applications of time series analysis tools.

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David De Vleeschouwer

David and I collaborate on understanding carbon cycle dynamics of the Cenozoic Icehouse

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Anna Joy Drury

Anna Joy Drury
Anna Joy and I work on the Miocene of Site 1264

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Oliver Friedrich

Oliver and I work together on the Oligo-Miocene from the North Atlantic. We sailed together on IODP Expedition 342.

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Katharine Grant

Katharine Grant
Katharine and I work together on Mediterranean sediments, and how they can help constrain climate variability in the past.

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Heather Johnstone

Heather Johnstone
Heather and I collaborate on Late Pleistocene climate dynamics.

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Lucas Lourens

Luc and I work together on high-resolution climate records that span the Oligocene and early Miocene. Luc was my BSc. and MSc. supervisor.

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Neil Mitchell

Neil and I work toward a better understanding of the palaeoceanography of the Red Sea

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Lottie Miller

Lottie Miller
Lottie and I collaborate on Late Pleistocene climate dynamics.

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Heiko Pälike

Heiko was my PhD. supervisor. We work on a broad range of palaeoclimatic topics together.

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Eelco Rohling

Eelco and I work together on cyclic sediments from the Mediterannean Plio-Pleistocene.

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Kasia Śliwińska

Kasia and I study the palaeoclimate of the North Atlantic region during the Eocene and Oligocene.

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Tim van Peer

Dr Tim van Peer
Tim and I work on the Oligocene and Miocene sediments from the North Atlantic.

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