Flying dinosaurs

Next to studying past climates, I like photographing birds. Here are some of my favourite pictures.

Puffin (Bempton Cliffs, July 2021)
Razorbills (Bempton Cliffs, July 2021)
Gannets (Bempton Cliffs, July 2021)
Black Redstart (juvenile) (Bremen, August 2019)
Firecrest (Burgerpark Bremen, December 2018)
Cranes (two adults plus juvenile), (Diepholz, October 2018)
Long-tailed tit (Bremen, April 2018)
Blackcap (male), (Bremen, April 2018)
Nuthatch (Bremen, February 2018)
Willow tit (Marsh tit? not sure), (Bremen, February 2018)
Wren (Winchester, November 2017)
Great crested grebe (Utrecht, October 2017)
Kestrel (Aubisque, August 2017)
Crested tit (Spain, August 2017)
Common linnet (M) (Westwood, June 2017)
Robin (Southampton, June 2017)
Common whitethroat (M) (Itchen Abbas, June 2017)
Goldfinches (Weston Shore, June 2017)
Carrion crow (Weston Shore, June 2017)
Blackheaded gulls (Weston Shore, June 2017)